Jeffrey Holmes composes post-spectral, teleological music incorporating elements of mysticism and lyrical expression. His creative inspiration is rooted in primitive myths, transcendent legends, and dramatic elemental landscapes in their primal and violent natural states. As a traditionalist, he composes music for acoustic orchestral instruments, using standard notational methods; as a formalist, he works within a complex and unique non-octave diatonic, chromatic, and microtonal language; as a transcendentalist, he combines the inherent abstraction of sound with a greater meaning and possibility of interpretation through the use of lyricism and overt expression.


“Fragments” has been released internationally by Centaur Records on a new CD of music for soprano and piano “Luminous”, with works by Jeffrey Holmes, James Erber, Jack Van Zandt, and György Ligeti, featuring soprano Kirsten Ashley Wiest and pianist Siu Hei Lee, September 04, 2020. Purchase “Luminous” on here.

A double-portrait CD “May the Bridges I Burn Light My Way…” (produced and engineered by John Schneider, Aron Kallay, and Michael Kudirka), featuring 9 works, including concerti, chamber, and solo compositions, has been released on MicroFest Records (distributed by Naxos). Purchase “May the Bridges I Burn Light My Way…” on here.

“:ERILAZ:” received its premiere by Vincent Ranallo and Duo AIRS (Louis-Philippe Bonin and David Therrien-Brongo), at the Chapelle Historique du Bon Pasteur, Montréal, Canada on October 09, 2019.

“Hagall” was successfully premiered by the Talea Ensemble at Roulette in New York City. The Talea Ensemble described the work: “Holmes’ music engages in the idea of landscape and mysticism through his spectral technique. Through his choice of pitch and rhythmic textures, stunning colors emerge”. 

“Úr” received its world premiere by the Los Angeles Percussion Quartet on the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s “Green Umbrella” series in Disney Hall. New Classic LA reported: “Jeffrey Holmes’ Ur was a break through premiere. With the ensemble surrounding the audience, each musician surrounded by similar set ups of gongs, toms, bass drums, flower pots, and cymbals, we listeners were bathed in swirling cascades of sound…it was magic.”

“Music of raw power and vision…a particularly impressive combination of technical prowess and deep expression.” – Fanfare Magazine

“Captivating…the haunting and slightly disorienting sound disrupts and engages the open ear.” – Los Angeles Times

“Brilliantly crafted, a captivating listening experience…extraordinary craftsmanship as well as a mastery of contemporary musical forms…a polish and artistry that stands comparison with any of the 20th century masterworks.” – Sequenza 21

Upcoming projects: 

“Straumr” for symphony orchestra, will be performed and recorded by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, conducted by Mikel Toms, in Glasgow, Scotland, for release on “Orchestral Masters, Volume 8” by Ablaze Records, release in 2021.

A major new chamber work, “Kaun (Kenaz)” has been commissioned by Ensemble Variances (Rouen, France), and will be premiered in Paris, March 04, 2020, and toured in Spring 2021.

A new portrait CD, “Rider of Darkness, Path of Light”, is being recorded for MicroFest Records (produced and engineered by Scott Worthington and John Schneider) for release in 2021, featuring premiere recordings of new vocal and chamber works, including performances by the Talea Ensemble, Nicholas Isherwood and Mark Robson, Jason Hardink, and the premiere of a new monodrama (“Myrkriða, Ljósleiðá [Rider of Darkness, Path of Light]”) by Kirsten Ashley Wiest with Tara Schwab, Michael Kudirka, and Yuri Inoo.

A new work, “Jörmunr”, for guitarist Pierre Bibault (Ensemble Intercontemporain) will be premiered throughout the US and Europe, 2021.

A new work, “Viðrir”, will be premiered by Michael Kudirka in Helsinki (Finland) and Prague (Czech Republic), Spring 2021.