Jeffrey Holmes composes music inspired by the diversities of our natural world in its primal and dramatic elemental state. His creative inspiration is often rooted in primitive myths, legends, and landscapes. Battling elemental forces are depicted engaging in wild natural settings, including turbulent stormy seas, vast mountain and desert terrains, and dark forests. Themes such as violence, love, death, honor and transcendence bind the spiritual interactions of past, present, and future, and depict an eternal reflection of ourselves. As a traditionalist, he composes music for acoustic orchestral instruments, using standard notational methods; as a formalist, he works within a complex and unique non-octave diatonic, chromatic, and microtonal language; as a transcendentalist, he combines the inherent abstraction of sound with a greater meaning and possibility of interpretation through the use of lyricism and overt expression.

News: “Hagall” was successfully premiered in March by the Talea Ensemble at Roulette in New York City. Talea described the work: “Holmes’ music engages in the idea of landscape and mysticism through his spectral technique. Through his choice of pitch and rhythmic textures, stunning colors emerge”; and called the work the “crowd favorite” of their “Written for Talea: New York” Festival – 2016. Nicholas Isherwood and Mark Robson have been selected to perform “Urðarmána” [Moon of Fate] in December 2016, at the 1st annual HEAR NOW festival in Paris, France.


“Captivating…the haunting and slightly disorienting sound disrupts and engages the open ear.”
– Los Angeles Times

“By far the most interesting and musically arresting work on the concert…music to be really heard and deserving of reflection.”
– Society of Composers, INC

– San Francisco Classical Voice

Upcoming projects: “Myrkriða” [Rider of Darkness], a monodrama for bass-baritone and trombone, will be premiered by Nicholas Isherwood and John Kenny in Europe in Fall 2016; a piano concerto (“Thrall”) for Aron Kallay and Brightwork New Music Ensemble will be premiered in Los Angeles in Fall 2016; a new work (“Úr”) for the Los Angeles Percussion Quartet will be premiered in Los Angeles in Spring 2017; a new work (“Ísa”) for Duo Amantis to be premiered in 2017; and a new work (“Baritus III”) for guitarist Pierre Bibault to be performed and recorded for Zed Classics at IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique), Paris, in 2017; and a new monodrama “Ljósleiðá” [Path of Light], for soprano and ensemble, will be premiered by Kirsten Ashley Wiest in April 2017, at the University of California, San Diego.