Orchestral Works and Concerti

Þræll (Thrall) (2014) concerto for solo piano and ensemble (flute, bass-clarinet, violin, violoncello, contrabass). 12’.

Hrið-Móðr-Ljómi (2013) concerto for solo guitar and ensemble (flute, horn, percussion, harp, violin, violoncello). 16’.

Straumr (2011) for symphony orchestra. 11’.

Wave of Darkness (2007) for chamber orchestra. 11’.

May the Bridges I Burn Light My Way… (2004) double concerto for 2 guitars (tuned in 1/6 tones) and ensemble (oboe, percussion, celesta/piano, violin). 25’.

Tjur (2002) for symphony orchestra. 7’. (USC Thornton Symphony, Donald Crockett – conductor)

Chamber Concerto (2000) for violoncello and 9 instruments. 18’.

Sino al Niente (1998) for symphony orchestra. 15’.