Recordings & Publications

Composers Edition (London, UK) releases publications of six new works: Cyan, Draumr, GeirtýrMĀLEN (“May the Bridges I Burn Light My Way…”), Mara, and Úr (Ūruz). Visit Composers Edition to peruse and purchase scores. May, 2019.

MicroFest Records release the portrait double-CD: “Jeffrey Holmes, May the Bridges I Burn Light My Way…”, produced by Aron Kallay, Michael Kudirka, and Grammy-winning sound engineer John Schneider, distributed internationally by Naxos. May 17, 2019. Purchase “May the Bridges I Burn Light My Way…” on here.

Composers Edition (London, UK) is now the primary publisher of Holmes’ complete catalogue. The following works are available for both in-print and digital purchase: Baritus, Fragments, HagallHrith (Hrið-Móðr-Ljómi), Nastrond I, Oscularum Infame, Thrall, Thund, Tjurand Urðarmána [Moon of Fate]Visit Composers Edition to peruse and purchase scores. July, 2018.

Herjanpublished by Les Productions d’OZ/Doberman-Yppan (Quebec,Canada), 2017. Purchase Herjan.

Nastrond, edited by Michael Kudirka and Tara Schwabpublished by Les Productions d’OZ/Doberman-Yppan (Quebec,Canada), 2016. Purchase Nastrond.

Hagall recorded by the Talea Ensemble conducted by David Fulmer, at the DiMenna Center for Classical Music, New York, March 18, 2016.

Danzleikr and Five Microtonal Studies published by Les Productions d’OZ/Doberman-Yppan (Quebec, Canada), 2014. Purchase DanzleikrPurchase Five Microtonal Studies.

The Conjurring soundtrack released by “Capillary Music, ASCAP” through Sony Music Entertainment. Music by Joseph Bishara, recorded at Capitol Records, conducted by Jeffrey Holmes, July, 2013.

Occasus published by Edition Svitzer (Copenhagen Denmark), 2013. Purchase Occasus.

Occasus released on LAPQ’s debut CD by Sono Luminus, distributed internationally by Naxos, March 27, 2012. Nominated for 3 Grammy Awards, 2012. Purchase LAPQ’s debut CD featuring Occasus.

Nereus published by Edition Svitzer (Copenhagen, Denmark), 2012. Purchase Nereus.

Insidious soundtrack released by “Capillary Music, ASCAP” through Sony Music Entertainment. Music by Joseph Bishara, recorded at Warner Brothers Studios, arranged and conducted by Jeffrey Holmes, released October 2011.

Occasus recorded by the Los Angeles Percussion Quartet at Skywalker Studios, on George Lucas’ Ranch, Marin County, California, September 2011.

Oro Supplex recorded and released on a compilation CD of recent music for the player piano, “The Player Piano Project”, Februay 2008.

Nocturnes published by Les Productions d’OZ/Doberman-Yppan (Quebec,Canada), 2007. Purchase Nocturnes.

Five Microtonal Studies and May the Bridges I Burn Light My Way… Live recordings by “The Duo” and ensembleGREEN released on “Food: Contemporary Music for Two Guitars”, 2006.